Do Throw Pillows Have to Match?

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do throw pillows have to match

Do throw pillows have to match? Let's keep the short answer to this short:

No! Definitely not!

Throw pillows definitely do not have to match, for the one simple rule that your house is your house, and your couch is your couch, and if you want mismatched pillows that's your choice, your style, your vibe!

Let's back this up, with some super cool suggestions and examples of mismatched throw pillows to inspire your home decor: 

Accent Pillows

Accent pillows have a visual role to play in your home. They work to draw out the accent colors in your artwork, wallpaper, soft furnishings and anything else in your room that you would love to bring out using some effective cushion choices. For example, if you have some art with yellow in it, or perhaps some beautiful canary yellow ornaments, one or two of these Scandinavian style pillows on your sofa along with your matching ones, will really show them off.

scandinavian accent throw pillow

Textured Pillows

If you're a bit of a stickler for matching colored pillows but want to rebel in another way, why not mix up the texture instead? Chunky knitted everything is in this season, as is velvet, so you could really mix up your cushions with how they feel.  

Mix Couches Not Pillows

Another great trend for this Fall/Winter 2017 is mixed-up couches. Go for two complimentary styles in different colors and bring the whole look together with matching pillows. 

Match Pattern Size, But Not The Pattern

This is a fantastic way to keep your style coherent whilst clashing and mixing every type of pattern you fancy. So if you're going floral choose a large floral print next to another large floral print. Or you might have one cushion with shapes on and another with stripes, but you choose small patterns on both.   

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Stick To Natural Tones

This is one way that you can really stick to mixing your pillows without being too 'out there' with patterns. For example, earthy greens, sand colors and creams all compliment each other beautifully whilst providing a mix of tones and colors.  

Keep A Color In Common

Try linking mismatched patterns and pillows by linking them together with one or two common colors. For example, our Color Blocks V Decorative Pillow, Color Blocks III Decorative Pillow and Color Blocks Decorative pillow are all completely different but they have a beautiful teal color in common which links them together.

colorful striped throw pillow

Mix Pillows That Are In A Similar Family Of Colors

Choose different shades within the same color spectrum to achieve a unique ombre effect or beautiful cascading effect. This works well with any color spectrum, and looks beautiful against natural materials or tones. If your couch is a block color this works best if you choose pillows in tones from the same spectrum. If your couch is a neutral color, you could try different tones for every season.

Hopefully these tips have helped you see just a few reasons that throw pillows do not have to match. So get creative, get planning and get mismatching for the ultimate modern throw pillow look.

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