What color throw pillows to choose for your couch

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what color throw pillows for couch

Throw pillows are a simple way to add a splash of color and interest to a room, but knowing what color throw pillows to choose for your couch isn’t always obvious. When you get it right though, a well-placed pillow can really transform a room from hum-drum every-day to interior design bliss!

We take a look at which color throw pillows work best to complement various types and shades of couches: 

What color throw pillows for leather sofas?

The smooth patina of a leather couch works beautifully with accent pillows. Bright, bold colors pop against a black leather couch, or monochrome pillows create a stylish bachelor-pad-esque feel to your living space. 

Brown leather couches are really lifted with yellow or green throw pillows. This yellow Moroccan pillow would work beautifully with a dark brown leather sofa. 

yellow and blue moroccan throw pillow

The best pillows to use to complement a grey couch

The beauty of a grey couch is that you can pair pretty much any color throw cushion with it to make it look amazing. Muted, neutral tones will give you a more classic feel. Experiment with detailed patterns or different textures to avoid leaving your couch looking bland and jaded. 

Alternatively, go bold with vibrant yellows and oranges to create a more on-trend, modern vibe. This white and yellow geometric pillow would work fantastically with a grey couch to give a room a pop of stylish color. 

white and yellow geometric throw pillow

What throw cushions look best with beige or cream couches?

White or beige throw pillows that are a few shades lighter or darker than your couch create a real air of sophistication and spaciousness in your room.

To make a cream or beige couch feel more cosy and homely, try using warmer shades of red or orange, like this red and black decorative pillow

The best throw pillows for red couches

Shades of blue work beautifully with red couches. Try combining navy pillows, with a lighter pattern like this blue Moroccan pillow.

Black and grey throw pillows can work with a red couch to create a sleek, modern look that is perpetually stylish. Try this cool monochrome zig-zag pillow.

black and white zig zag throw pillow

How do you choose throw pillows for patterned couches?

This one’s a tough-y and the right throw pillow can vary so much depending on the detail, type and color of the pattern on your couch.

Patterned couches can often be the hardest to work with when choosing throw pillows. Try picking out an accent color from the couch’s pallet to focus on. Alternatively, contrasting patterns can work really well – just be sure to be obvious and use bold patterns. Our color blocking throw pillows are a great way to make a statement on a patterned couch, without making your couch look too busy.

stripy color block throw pillow

If you’re not sure what color throw pillows to choose for your couch, get in touch or send us over a pic of your couch. We’d be happy to offer advice from the perspective of an interior designer.

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